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Dr. Tom Kursar
(801) 581-8369
Biology Dept., U. of U.
257 South 1400 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0840
kursar at biology dot utah dot edu

My main interest is the explanation of ecological patterns and processes via physiological and biochemical mechanisms. Current areas of research are on the evolution of plant chemical defenses and also the mechanisms that determine the distributions of tropical forest plants. Additionally I am interested in how academic skills, such as basic research and training, can be applied to conservation. That interest led to the development of a bioprospecting program that is closely linked with conservation.


  Evolution of anti-herbivore defenses in Inga - Kursar & Coley
  Bioprospecting - Coley & Kursar
  Defenses of young leaves -Coley & Kursar
  Delayed greening in young leaves - Kursar & Coley
  Physiology and distributions of tropical plants – Kursar and Coley
  Swamp forest in the Darien - Kursar


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